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We Stalin & Archana dared to break stereotypes & are passionate about social change since their college days. After becoming life partners, consciously we chose to live a life close to nature. It all started with a small terrace Garden but eventually eating Chemical-free food made a world of difference. Not just to our body & health but learning about the benefits it has on our environment & future, we decided to quit our corporate job & became full time farmers in 2015.

We got our hands dirty, toiled hard day by day tilling the soil, sowing seeds and reaping harvest braving all uncertainties for the first 3 years. This experience convinced us that natural farming is the need of the hour to revive farming and also to ensure food-security. We were deeply shocked seeing the amount of chemicals used to produce food. Increasing health problems can all be linked to our food & as farmers we wanted to produce food responsibly & make safe, naturally grown food possible for all.

Having faced challenges as a farmer, we also got to interact & got inspired by natural farmers who follow sustainable farming practices & produce chemical-free food. We wanted to create more of these natural farmers and connect them to families looking for pesticide free food. As avid problem solvers, we figured an opportunity to build a community that cares for food, farmers & environment.

myHarvest Farms believes that everyone deserves safe, chemical-free food and hope to be “Your Family Farmer”. Just like how you have a family doctor to care for your health, we believe it's high time you have family farmers to enable you to make better & safe food choices.

Today we are happy to see myHarvest Farms evolve into a Farm-to-Home platform. Since our launch in Sep 2018, we have positively impacted over 120 farmers & reached over 3000 Families. We started off with Fresh Keerai, vegetables and fruits. Since we focus on building soil health, we also integrated free range poultry using Naatukozhi & added fresh country chicken eggs to our list. During the pandemic, many of our families requested for trustworthy products like cold pressed oils, traditional rice, millets & turmeric powder. This paved an opportunity to empower farmers to make value-added products using natural ingredients and create a range of products that make healthy living easier. Today it's so satisfying to grow & deliver over 200 safe, healthy foods regularly to families in the city. It's interesting to see children of today enjoy karupatti, thinai laddu or maapillai samba pori.

Children of today don't even know how or where a tomato grows, where food comes from & lack connection to nature.We therefore encourage families to visit our farms, experience farming & meet farmers to understand how much effort it takes to bring food to their plates.

We envision myHarvest as a movement to create healthier families, happier farmers & a sustainable future. We dream of a world where every meal we eat is poison-free & that food will be real medicine in the future.

As Nammalvar says, “Farming is not a way of producing crops to make money. It is a way of living, and a way of living that is possible even in the 21st century.”

Our Promise

For Families
  • Naturally Grown, Nutritious food
  • Fresh, Safe, Pesticide-Free
  • Local sourcing from Trusted farmers
  • Know Your Farmer
  • Better, Healthy Lifestyle
For Farmers
  • Improved Soil Health & Wellbeing
  • Fair Pricing & On-time payment
  • Poison-free Farm Environment
  • Know Your Consumer
  • Better Income & Happier Life

Our Philosophy

Sustainable farming

Traditional ways of growing food & preserving biodiversity

Train Next Gen Farmers

Improving rural Economy by empowering youngsters

Safe Food For All

Traceable farm to home journey. Trust & Quality !

Reviving Native Foods

Awareness on healthy traditional food & improving access

Meet Our Team

Be A Part of This Community & Create Better Future


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Thus Began The Service Of My Harvest Farms. Now We Are An Ecosystem That Connects N Number Of Urban Farmers And A Community.