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Inspired by Mahatma Gandhi’s vision of self-sustained village, we – a team of engineering graduates, set out to the villages and carried out activities like planting trees, restoring water bodies and helping rural families in cattle rearing. But then we realised that self-sustained villages are not possible without acting on the main aspect of rural economy – Agriculture.

As we had no idea about farming, we interacted with many farmers and started trying our hand at farming. In this process, we were educated about the harmful effects of chemical based farming on farmers, consumers and also Mother Nature. With the help of few farmers who practiced traditional farming techniques, our tryst with chemical-free natural farming began. Along with the rural community, we toiled hard, learnt things the hard way and finally felt the joy of growing and tasting our own chemical-free harvest.

Being Urbanites, we also learnt that there was a genuine need for Organic products and also that there were doubts about the chemical-free nature of the products available at nearby ‘Organic’ stores.

Thus there were two problems with the same solution – ‘Natural farming’ with complete transparency We saw the clear linkage and that’s how myharvest farms was born!

Safe on Environment
Healthy Food for All


Building a Greener and Healthier World
By Connecting Urbanites to
Safe Food and Sustainable Farming


To create a win-win situation for both farmers and consumers by
1. Providing stable income for farmers
2. Filling consumer’s plates with chemical-free food


A team of young, energetic, Engineers-turned-Farmpreneurs with an inclination towards creating a social impact,
looking to bring a revolution in Farm to Home journey of Food.

Stalin Kalidoss

Founder & CEO

Stalin is the real farmer in action at myHarvest Farms. He chose to become a full-time farmer 2 years ago. He believes that sustainability is the key factor for agriculture and he works to improve rural economy by improving the farming sector. He has interest in business building and has been a part of start-ups for 9 years and fittingly takes care of myHarvest Farms’ Business development aspects.

Archana Stalin

Co-Founder & Growth Champion

Archana Stalin, a proud woman entrepreneur, is from a family with farming lineage. After graduating from College of Engineering, Guindy, she has had 9 years of professional experience working in various fields. She believes that real change comes from the upcoming generations and is keen on educating children about Nature & inculcating environmental awareness among them.

Anas Mohammed

Co-Founder & Eco-Champion

Anas Mohammed has a Master’s Degree in Environmental Management and is a big advocate of eco-friendly life. He is passionate about creating ‘Zero-Carbon footprint’ and aspires to build this startup into a social enterprise that is promising for youngsters to join and learn farming.

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