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We started just like any other team of young graduates – Idealistic and driven by a passion to change the big bad world. Armed with the teachings of Mahatma Gandhi , we set out to create self-sustainable villages by planting trees and restoring water bodies only to realise that the concept of self-sustaining villages will remain a pipe dream without reviving the backbone of the rural economy- Agriculture.

The realisation broke us only to make us. With renewed vision and vigour we started trying our hand in farming with terrace gardening.We made mistakes along the way and we reached out to farmers who still followed the traditional way of chemical-free farming to teach us the intricacies in growing a vegetable. We learnt what it meant to toil through months to taste the most delicious food made by our own hands. To put it shortly, we experienced farming. We wanted to find a way for the farmers and the

And by the virtue (or curse) of working in corporate sectors and understanding supplychains, we knew one thing- The products of organic farming could reach every urban household in a way the urban population gets healthy food on their plates and farmersget a fair price for their produce to put food on their own plates.

Thus began the service of My Harvest Farms.

Now we are an ecosystem that connects n number of urban farmers and a community. Now we are an ecosystem that connects n number of urban farmers and a community of young farmers across the state.

Healthy Families
Happy Farmers
Hopeful Planet


Building a Greener and Healthier World
By Connecting Urbanites to
Safe Food and Sustainable Farming


To create a win-win situation for both farmers and consumers by
1. Providing stable income for farmers
2. Filling consumer’s plates with chemical-free food

Safe on Environment
Healthy Food for All

For Family’s

  • Obviously, fresh and natural vegetables and fruits that can redefine or just remind them what real taste is.
  • True knowledge of the source of the food on their plate. You can trace every vegetable to its farm
  • The convenience of getting organic vegetables and fruits delivered regularly every week at your doorstep
  • Visits to farms anytime to meet your farmers and give your children the chance to touch the chemical-free soil and mud barefoot.
  • Workshops to help your journey towards leading a sustainable and healthy life.

For Farmer’s

  •  A fair price for their toil and efforts.
  • The revival of their soil and their hopes.
  • Effective utilisation of the land – the only source of their livelihood.
  • Healthy food for their own families.
  • Agriculture related training and upskilling for new opportunities in areas like storing and processing.
  • Overall satisfaction by knowing that their efforts reach the right people and meeting them face to face.


We are a community of young minds that strives to make safe food possible for all and improve farmer livelihoods.We help you have a healthy life without changing the diet you are used to. We just make it natural ,healthy and fresh. We know some call it a lost cause but we also know lost causes are the only ones worth fighting for.

Stalin Kalidoss

Founder & CEO

Stalin is the real farmer in action at myHarvest Farms. He chose to become a full-time farmer 2 years ago. He believes that sustainability is the key factor for agriculture and he works to improve rural economy by improving the farming sector. He has interest in business building and has been a part of start-ups for 9 years and fittingly takes care of myHarvest Farms’ Business development aspects.

Archana Stalin

Co-Founder & Growth Champion

Archana Stalin, a proud woman entrepreneur, is from a family with farming lineage. After graduating from College of Engineering, Guindy, she has had 9 years of professional experience working in various fields. She believes that real change comes from the upcoming generations and is keen on educating children about Nature & inculcating environmental awareness among them.

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