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What is myHarvest Farms?

myHarvest Farms is a platform to connect urban dwellers to farmers with an aim to provide chemical-free food to everyone's plate. Here, growing your own chemical-free veggies in a farm and managing the farm online is not a virtual game but a 'reality' with a complete ‘Seed to Kitchen’ experience.

Is organic and chemical free food possible in this industrialised world?

Certainly, myHarvest Farms makes it possible by employing natural farming techniques. We would call ourselves "Natural Farmers" as we strive to bring to your doorstep, naturally grown produce that has not seen chemicals in its "Seed to Salad Bowl" journey. Though 100% Organic produce is a challenge at present due to the already depleted environment (especially polluted land and water), through Natural farming, land can be reclaimed to give the future generation completely organic food. Despite complications, we got you covered with completely naturally grown veggies with almost no chemicals in it, so Don’t worry!

How myHarvest Farms employs natural farming?

myHarvest Farms uses only traditional indigenous seed varieties and natural farming inputs. For fertilizers or manure, we use naturally available cow dung and dried leaves and specially prepared natural supplements. For pest management, we repel pests rather than killing them by using neem oil and 3G (Ginger, Garlic, Green chilli spray). Intercropping (a type of multiple cropping) method is also used for efficient use of available resources in a natural way.

Why should you choose myHarvest Farms?

As good food is everyone's right, myHarvest Farms takes the responsibility to deliver the right, natural vegetables to you. Apart from the feast of veggies, we help you get the feast for eyes by helping you relish the nature and view the whole journey from sowing to harvesting. Also get enriched with the know-hows of farming through farm-visits.

Who can avail the services of myHarvest Farms?

‘Let’s just keep it simple, It’s for Everyone’ Fresh food from Mother Nature is for everyone. So, we invite everyone to sign up with myHarvest Farms. Also, we would love to have with us, those

-  With secret dreams of farming but hesitate to pursue their goals because of the nuances involved in it or,

-  With kitchen garden or a dream of kitchen gardening but lack time, space or expertise or,

-  Who are wondering if the organic shops all over the city are actually "Organic" or,

-  Who fear that their children would miss out to connect with the nature in this mechanized world,

- Who are worried about farmer distress and wondering how you can help them.

myHarvest Farms claims that by joining you I could help the farmers. How do the farmers benefit?

myHarvest Farms collaborate with farmers who usually own small parcels of land (of about 1-2 acres) and helps them to benefit from effective natural farming techniques and resource efficient multi-cropping along with a stable income paid from your subscription. Previously, these farmers were struggling to meet their ends as they dealt with middlemen and sold their produce for a much lesser price. myHarvest Farms bridges the farmers with consumers, makes them grow chemical-free produce thus making the farmer earn stable income, keeping both the farmers and customers happy and healthy.

Where is / are myHarvest farm(s) located?

All our farms are located at about 1 hour (approx.) drive from the city. We have begun our operations in Vembu farm near Redhills in a beautiful village named “Sembedu” in Thiruvallur district. Magizham Farm , our next community farm near Tindivanam is now open for booking

Will you add new farms and if yes, where will they be located?

Yes, We look forward to serve as much people as we could and we have plans to start our operations in other cities as well. As of now, our service area is Chennai and all our farms are located around Chennai only.

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