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A young farmer who is mad about Groundnut and derived products

The groundnut specialist at myHarvest Farms. Dharanivendhan is a young hardworking farmer, helping farmers in his village earn more income by producing products derived from groundnut. He aspires build an organic farming community in his village.

Products - Groundnut Oil

Location - Vellore

Ramesh & Jayalakshmi

A Farmer who is sleeping peacefully after switching to Organic farming

From being a neighbour farmer to becoming a myHarvest Farmer, this couple Ramesh & Jayalakshmi's story inspires us to do more. Their farm is adjacent to our first farm - Vembu Farm. For the first 2 years, they watched us, got curious but something was holding them from switching to organic. The COVID Lockdown struck them hard & due to a broken supply chain they couldn't sell their produce. myHarvest team helped him switch over to prepare land for natural farming. He started with Ladies Finger and the very first season brought a bounty harvest for this hardworking young man. It motivated him to try growing 4 more vegetables. When the Villgro team visited his farm , we were deeply moved when he said the biggest relief after joining myHarvest is the fact that he sleeps better now. He & his wife clearly see their health improving and they sleep happily without itching as no chemicals are used.

Crops - Ladies Finger, Karamani, Radish, Tomato, Keerai

Location - Thiruvallur


Back to Roots from corporate job but no regrets

Ruthren is a learned man, passionate about exploring, working with the soil & enjoys being closer to mother nature. An extremely passionate person who loves farm design, nurturing seeds and propagating native seeds. He manages our farm in Tindivanam-Magizham Farm. We are working on creating a food forest here. You can find a lot of fruit trees (like Plantain, guava, papaya), medicinal plants, climbers like bottle gourd, ridge gourd etc and timber trees. Traditional Rice varieties like Poongar, Thooyamalli are cultivated here. We have a few native breed cows at this farm and all farm inputs are using cow dung, urine and locally grown herbs.

Crops / Products - Ladies Finger ,Cluster Beans, Red Ponnanganni Keerai, Green Chilly, Snake Gourd, Ridge Gourd, Tomato, Red Thandu keerai , Small Onion, Bottle Gourd, Violet Brinjal, Ridge Gourd, Snake Gourd, Poongar rice, Thooyamalli Rice.

Location - Dindivanam

Surya Prakash

A young dynamic farmer who is on a mission to provide safe organic food

First Farmer to join myHarvest Farms. Surya has been in love with farming since his childhood. His love for farming only grew more when he understood that he could give people chemical-free safe food through organic farming techniques. He finished college, juggled many jobs initially but soon decided to do farming only. Since then, he has made producing safe food from his farm his life’s mission. Suriya believes in integrated farming techniques and has free range country chicken besides growing veg & fruits. Your Naatukozhi eggs come from his farm. Surya also manages a small fishing pond. He built a house from his earnings through organic farming & delighted his mom. myHarvest Farms is happy and proud to have helped him in achieving his dreams. He is now a strong proponent of safe food and is an inspiration to many youngsters in his village.

Crops / Products : Cucumber , Yellow pumpkin , cluster beans, Bottle Gourd, Pulicha keerai , Ponnaganni , Raw Mango

Location - Thiruvallur


A young multiskilled Farmer who aspires to lead an organic farming community

Elumalai is a multiskilled farmer who does almost every work in his farm- ploughing, driving the tractor, preparing farm inputs and harvesting. Though his father resorted to chemical inputs a few years ago, Elumalai wanted to follow the footsteps of his grandfather into organic farming. 3 years ago, He quit his job & ventured into farming full time. He aspires to lead organic farming initiatives and inspire the next generation in his village. And most importantly, Ezhumalai likes meeting our myHarvest families & many times chose to deliver at your doorstep. Watch out for him next time when you get your bag.

Crops / Products - Ladies Finger, Karamani, Brinjal , yellow pumpkin, Araikeerai , Mango , Groundnut Oil, Palkova, Palak , Kasini , Gongura

Location - Thiruvallur


A strong woman and an expert in making pickles

Arputham is Surya's mother. After the loss of her husband, the family farmland was the only asset she had. Decided to toil on the field, sweat it and became a pillar of strength for her two sons. With myHarvest, we fondly admire how Arputham amma manages the 1000’s of Naatukozhi hens at her farm. From feeding them grains to treating them with herbs, she has done it all. A lot of the eggs you receive are from her farm. Here’s the best part, Arputham amma has magic in her hands and her cooking skills are evident with our lip-smacking pickles. She makes our Lemon pickle, Gongura pickle and mango pickles & got delighted when we shared all your reviews. She is an amazing host for anyone visiting our myHarvest Farms.

Products - Country Eggs,Raw Mango, Lemon Pickle, Mango Pickle, Gongura Pickle, Sapota

Location - Thiruvallur


Driven by a passion to create more value added organic products

Vigneswaran has been an organic farmer right after graduation. Inspired by Nammalvar , he and his mom bought land, prepped land & planted a lot of trees. His farm had many Murungai (Moringa) trees and is his favourite crop mainly because of the multiple health benefits of it . During the rainy season of 2019, he couldn’t provide Murungai Keerai or drumstick to families. Hence he came up with the idea of Moringa powder making the benefits of Moringa available to families all through the year.

Crops / Products - Murunga Keerai, Moringa Powder, Drumstick, Guava , Tomato , Green Chilly

Location - Thiruvallur


Big Advocate of Food is Medicine & Promoting native trees

Ramamoorthy is a farmer who bid goodbye to regular project based jobs and went back to his roots as a farmer. He used to be a civil contractor earlier. He strongly believes that food is the ultimate medicine. What excites him is planting palm fruits, organizing plantation drives and making herbal powders preserving traditional medicine knowledge derived from herbs. He has lots of medicinal herbs and greens at his farm and grows native banana & paddy varieties too . Simply said, He wants to help preserve biodiversity.

Crops/ Products - Raw Banana , Banana Flower , Banana Stem , Brinjal , Thoothuvalai powder, vallarai Powder

Location - Thiruvallur

Tamilarasan & Selvaraj

Go-Getter influencing more farmers to go Organic

Tamil joined us when the idea of myHarvest farms was brewing. He helped mobilize local farmers and currently coordinates all farmers. At Vembu farms, we currently have many fruit trees like Mango , Sapota, Guava and Lemon etc. Every week, you get at least one product in your myHarvest Farms bag from this farm. A lot of children have visited and participated in farm activities here. Tamil grows and harvest all green leafy vegetables for families at myHarvest. This is where our first first free range poultry unity was set up. Over 200 families have visited this farm and we hope to train more people into natural farming at this farm.

Crops / Products - Araikeerai, Mulaikeerai, Sirukeerai, Palak, Red mulaikeerai, Green Ponnanganni, Vallarai, Kasini, Ceylon Pasalai, Murungai Keerai, Pulicha Keerai, Manathakali Keerai, Guava, Agathi Keerai, Mango

Location - Thiruvallur

Ravi & Mathangi

Resilient Farmer who never ceases to learn or grow

Ravi & Mathangi's farm is closest to the city. What started as a passion project has grown into a nice integrated farm. Ravi has been growing papaya, banana, turmeric, sugarcane and many tubers. His wife Mathangi supports and helps spread awareness about naturally grown food. They also grow native paddy varieties. Through the week Ravi is a corporate person but on weekends he slogs so hard at his farm tilling soil, harvesting or planting new crops. His love for agriculture drives him and is very evident if you speak to him even for a few minutes. This farm is evolving into a model farm where more urbanites can visit, learn & experience.

Crops / Products - Sugarcane, Raw Turmeric, Snake Gourd, Bottle Gourd , Palak , Arai Keerai, Mulai Keerai , Red Ponnanganni , Seppankilangu, Elephant Yam, Pidikarunai, Sweet Potato, Raw Banana, Banana Stem, Brinjal , Green Chilly, Bitter Gourd, Turkey Berry

Location - Chengalpattu