Refund & Cancellation

1 .Refund - will be provided if refund is requested within 48 hours from payment for subscription b.renewal

2. No refund requests will be processed after 48 hrs from successful payment

3. No refund will be provided for terminating the subscription 48 hrs after successful payment

4. Refund will be processed based on a valid reason (and if complying to the above mentioned conditions) in 5 to 10 working days

5. Subscription must be renewed within 5 days from the end of the subscription period. If not renewed within 5 days, subscription will be terminated on the 6th day. But however myHarvest Farms will send you regular alerts regarding your subscription period and on the fifth day we might contact the customer to inform about the renewal of their subscription

6. Cancellation of subscription won't have an immediate effect on your mini-farm unless specifically requested for it. Refer our Refund Policy for information on refund. On successful processing of a cancellation request, subscription would be terminated by the end of that particular subscription period

7. No refund can be claimed if your mini-farm gets damaged by natural calamities but however mHF may provide for extended subscription period with no additional costs on such occasions

Change of Veggies:

1. mHf provides for changes in choices of plants under mHF terms to provide the maximum possible benefits to their customers. Plants can be changed at the end of their lifecycle or at customer's discretion or customer's decision based on advice from mHF which would be based on climate, season, soil conditions etc.

2. No changes will be done to a mini-farm without obtaining prior approval from the customer to whom that particular mini-farm belongs

3. Vegetables to be grown in your mini-farm can be changed during renewal of subscription or after completion of two months of your subscription. This is done to facilitate proper yield for consumers

4. mHF cannot be held responsible for any decrease in yield due to frequent changes in choice of vegetables but mHF can help you in choosing the vegetables , providing information on compatibility of the plant, approximate time taken for yield, etc so that you may get the maximum benefits from your mini-farm

5. For providing maximum possible benefits from your mini-farm, Changes in choice of plants is limited to

6. While opting to change the vegetables, Please remember that any new plant would start yielding only 30 to 45 days after sowing or planting. Get help from mHF and plan your mini-farm modification wisely. mHF can’t be held responsible for any fall in delivery quantity during this period.


First delivery from your mini-farm shall happen 30 to 45 days after sowing/planting.

2. We strive hard to deliver the harvest from your mini-farm twice a week and it depends on the yield of your plants. If the yield is low due to any unforeseen circumstances there may be only one delivery on that week.

3. The weight mentioned (3 kgs to 6 kgs) is an approximate measurement. Weight of the delivery bag may deviate from this range based on the yield.

4. If you are out of station or If you think that you don't need the yield of a particular delivery due to any reason, you have 2 options

a. You can ask us to deliver it at your neighbour's house or family member's house or friend's house (Refer Point 4) b. You can cancel the particular delivery by informing us in advance

4. If you don't choose both the options, mHF may use the harvest in any way it desires to avoid wastage of products in that particular delivery. You can transfer a delivery to your friends / relatives but with prior intimation to myHarvest Farms team 24 to 48 hrs before the scheduled delivery.

5. Transfer of particular delivery to another person can be denied on the following grounds

a. Address does not fall under service area b. Delayed intimation c. Delivery executive has already begun his delivery work for the day

6. Delivery bags are to be returned to the delivery executive when asked to return.

7. Vegetables delivered under myharvest Farms mini-farm subscription program should not be used for resale. Any violation of this clause would be treated seriously and would be followed by legal actions.

8. The time frame mentioned for delivery is purely indicative and not accurate. But we are working constantly to give you a time of delivery that is very close to the actual delivery time.

9. No separate delivery charges would be collected for home delivery of veggies from your mini-farm to the address given at the time of subscription.

10. Delivering to places other than service area is purely at the discretion of myHarvest Farms. In such cases, Delivery can be cancelled or may be charged extra.

Subscription Fees

1. mHF works on a pre-paid monthly subscription model. The subscription fee may vary based on the community farm that you choose or services offered in that farm, etc and is under the sole discretion of mHF

2. mHF may increase/decrease the subscription fee for any reason and would be applicable from the beginning of subsequent subscription period, provided mHF notifies its customers 30 days before the change in subscription fee would come into effect.

3. To continue enjoying mHF services, all the dues are to be paid up on or before the given due date for each subscription period

4. Discounts, Rebates & Refunds offered are under the complete discretion of mHF and Terms & Conditions given in such Discounts, Rebates & Refunds are applicable to them.